Brand Access

How do you make a brand that is truly accessible?

Make a co-creation workshop!

Who is Access Youth? 

Access Youth was created in response to the growing need of after-hour services for at-risk youth aged 12-23. BC’s first mobile youth outreach program, Project Reach Out, and other innovative programs that support at-risk youth are repeatedly proven to be successful. They seek to help youth realize their own potential in a safe, judgment-free way.​​​​​​​

A brand by the youth, for the youth.

Access Youth’s new brand functions differently from any other non-profit in Vancouver. Their fresh identity system is co-created with the people who frequently use their services–the youth and staff. Their new logo mark transforms into a stencil to allow their brand to be just as accessible as their programs. This project was made in partnership with Access Youth, an after-hours program for at-risk youth aged 12-23 in the tri-cities. ​​​​​​​




images from the workshop


activity 1: table talk, brainstorming session
activity 2: access symbols, sketching logos


activity 3: info de-scramble, organizing info from important to not-so important


activity 4: shirt stencils, stencilling messages on shirts