Longevity Rebrand

How do we rebrand Longevity Graphics so that they relate more to their industry and target audience?


Scrap the pink and simplify!



For awhile now, clients and staff have been pushing for a rebrand that truly reflected the experience of working with an amazing company like Longevity Graphics. Finally these prayers have been answered! During the process of the rebrand, it was agreed that the colours needed to be heavily adjusted to properly relate to the audience. As for the logo itself, it needed to be revamped as well as relate to the last logo. In order to properly transition the brand, we made sure that staff as well as clients in the community were part of the creative. For example, we sent out a contest to all staff and clients to help us come up with a tagline! Overall, the brand was positively received by staff and clients and it was a super beneficial experience.

The Process

Something that was really important in the process of the Longevity Graphics rebrand was looking at the company’s past marketing materials in order to relate the new to the old. The “LG” combo was an element of the logo that was requested to stay the same. Also, the internal marketing meeting made brainstorms regarding Longevity Graphic’s value propositions in order to properly showcase that in the rebrand. One of the company’s major value points is that it is a boutique firm with experts! We decided that in order to showcase this, it would be important to place the staff at the forefront of the design. Therefore through the supportive brand materials, we decided to showcase the people of Longevity Graphics via photographs.




Company Values Brainstorm


Initial sketches

Digital Ideations







Special thanks to

Lindsay Viscount – CEO of Longevity Graphics

Srdjana Kasic – Project Manager of Longevity Graphics

Ashley Scott – Marketing Coordinator at Longevity Graphics

Gregg Thorburn – Business Developer at Longevity Graphics

Kelvin Xu – Developer at Longevity Graphics