Redpath Relocations Video

How do we get women administrators to choose Redpath Relocations for commercial moving jobs?


Make a cute video telling them why they should!




This fun, light animation was designed for the moving company, Redpath Relocations at Longevity Graphics to creatively demonstrate to administrators why they should choose Redpath Relocations. The objective of this short video was to target commercial administrators who were researching for moving companies. The video was received positively and was then used as marketing material for tradeshows, events, and social media.




When starting this project, it was important to review the values of Redpath Relocations to make sure we included that within the video. This established the theme and the messages of the video. Below on the left are the attributes we included in the video. On the right is an image where I did a quick character study to determine the look and feel of the characters.





It was vital going into this project to create a storyboard for the client in order to communicate the ideas going into the animation. Here, I sketched out” the 10 Moving Tips” (as it was called at the time) and passed it to the client. The following week, they provided some notes and changes to the video which then brought me to the animation and production stage of the project. You will notice below that some scenes were deleted and there were drastic changes in the sequence of scenes.








Special Thanks to

Josh Redpath – General manager at Redpath Relocations

Srdjana Kasic – Project Manager at Longevity Graphics