Vancouver Dynamic Logo

How can we design a logo that truly shows the diversity of Vancouver?

A dynamic logo of course!

How can we design a logo that shows the diversity of Vancouver?

The new conceptualized Vancouver brand is intended to be fun, light, and a reflection of the diverse interactions within our city. I want the community to be excited about the place we live in and by emulating clever interchanging icons within the word-mark , I believe the brand does just that! Vancouver is bold, cheeky, and an increasingly desirable place to live. Why not give them a brand that shows just that? The interchanging icons have been created with the question “What is a day of the life of a Vancouverite?”

The project

The purpose of this project was to learn about the process of creating an identity system. We were to rebrand the city of Vancouver and create a brand that represents the people, city, and space. Going into this project, I was really set on making something ‘different’ as to move away from the typical icons used for Vancouver like mountains. The conceptualization of my design was to join the “c” and “o” together to show a partnership between the letters. CO is defined as “joint” or “mutual” and is shown in the logo when the two letters make icons.



Brainstorm & logo research


Moodboards & Initial 100 sketches


Concept sketches


First initial Draft














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Cameron Neat – Professor